Now, as mentioned, you can choose to go through the entire process by yourself, but, if you’re unsure about your ability to do it properly, you might want to work with a professional organization such as InventHelp. If you choose to hire such companies, the steps you must be prepared for include:

Copyright Research Expenses – before your request form is even sent out, you’ll have to pay approximately 700 to 5.000 dollars for your attorney to perform a copyright search.
Attorney/Expert Expenses – if you choose to hire a copyright lawyer or organization, you should expect to spend anywhere between 2.000 to 6.000 dollars, but this will depend on the lawyer or organization you choose to work with.
The Type – there are several patent types: provisional ($1.000-$3.000), utility ($4.000-16.000), design ($1.000-$5.500), plant ($3.500-$9.000), and international (more than 150.000 dollars).

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